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Past Life Regression

Exploring Insight with Sami Brittany

What is a Quantum Healing session like??

֎ Ask your Spirit Team & Subconscious Higher Self questions
(you will bring these with you and/or we can design some together)
Gain clarity & confidence about your Path forward.

֎ Experience visions, sensations, and emotional information curated by your subconscious.

֎ Receive healing energy directly from your Spirit Team
including Emotional, Spiritual, & sometimes even Physical Healing.

֎ Ease into feelings of Comfort, Joy, & Peace
and learn how to bring those feelings more frequently into your daily life.

Past Life Regression Approx. 2-3 hour session
This amazing transformative Meditation experience was created to allow you to turn your thoughts inward and discover more about your Soul, your Purpose, your unique gifts & talents, and why you chose to be here on Earth at this time!

Here are some Common Questions that get answered….
What is my purpose here?
What are my greatest gifts and talents?
Who in my life do I have karmic attachments or contracts with?
How do I follow my intuition and communicate more clearly with my Guides on a daily basis?
Am I aligned with my highest potential?

You can completely transform your life in one moment; just imagine what you could do with three hours!

$325 USD
includes full session meeting
PLUS, a digital audio recording of your session!

* * Members of our Facebook Community get HUGE discounts.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“relax and feel at ease”

“I love how patient you were, and it really meant a lot that you took the time to let me relax and feel at ease. Thanks for not giving up on me!”

Shannon T.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“gave me confidence”

“My session was amazing, I had a long list of questions I was worried would feel overwhelming but Sami gave me confidence and we ended up getting so many answers, everything felt easy. “

Jennifer S.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“like an amazing dream”

“It felt like an amaazing nap where the dreams I was seeing answered specific questions about who I am, it was the craziest thing ever and I would definitely do it again one day!!”
Alex S.

Past lives, Future lives, Parallel lives, or even Alternate Timelines…
Your all-knowing Subconscious knows exactly what, & more importantly WHEN,
the Significant Lessons in your Soul Story happened!
Let your Subconscious guide us there,
gain perspective from your other life experiences during
your own Past Life Regression!

Past Life Regression is perfect for anyone wanting to…
– Develop clearer insight.
– Become confident in trusting your Intuition!
– Set your future goals with powerful intentions. 
– Mind-Body-Spirit balance.
– Release patterns that may be limiting your highest potential.

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