Exploring Insight for Personal Transformation

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” ― NIKOLA TESLA

Exploring Insight

with Sami Brittany!

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Past-Life Regression. 3-4 hour Regression Hypnotherapy ($316)

**Discounts Available for Facebook group members!

Subconscious Journey for Inner Wisdom ($360*)
Combines Regression Hypnotherapy & Transformational Life Coaching techniques for incredible and progressive results in your personal transformation journey!

*Includes a 3-4 hour Regression Hypnotherapy session, and up to three Goal-Completion Accountability calls!

Learn more about Regression Hypnotherapy in My Posts or Book a Discovery Call to ask questions!

Learn Self-Hypnosis Techniques w/ Goal Coaching ( $65 | ~1 hr )
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Session ( $65 | ~1 hr )

Work with me through techniques you can use on your own. – ‘Practice Sessions’

Find creative ways to fit new self care routines into your schedule – ‘Routine Planning’

Follow up about progress and stay on track. – ‘Accountability’

Subconscious Journey for Inner Wisdom is especially perfect for anyone wanting to…
– Maintain Mind-Body-Spirit health for the good of your self and/or others you care about.
– Become a positive source for loving wisdom & energy.
– Develop clearer insight into your self & personal habits in order to reflect and make positive changes. 
– Become confident in your decision making and picking your direction with intention. 
– Release personal patterns that may be limiting your highest potential.
– Discover individual purpose and talents.
…completely transform your life!

What is a session like?
First, you will be guided into a 2-hour trance experience where we can ask direct questions to your inner wisdom and higher self about you and your life.
You will experience intense feelings of Joy, Happiness, and Peace (even if you never have before!)
Together we will practice techniques to bring more positive emotions into muscle memory.
Find new clarity on past struggles and find out what your next steps will get you closer to your your highest potential.
*We will continue working together for the following 1-3 weeks (included) to keep your inner connection strong and continue following through with healthy new habits for personal transformation.

Transformational Coaching is included?
In the weeks that follow your initial Hypnotherapy session, we will chat together and practice (up to 2 coaching sessions as a bonus!) to practice techniques you can use on your own and help with accountability for healthy habits to maintain Mind-Body-Spirit balance into the future.

Please reach out with the available form or Book an Exploratory Meeting to get more info about current availability, special pricing, or group events!

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a message from Sami Brittany
I want to extend so much Gratitude
to the path that has lead me to writing this page…

to the greater forces and collective energies which inspired me to start this journey.
To each person I have partnered with along the way whose stories are now intertwined with mine.
And to all my family and friends who along the way have become part of my views and experiences.
All of this has given me exactly what I needed to grow and expand into the dynamic being that I call ‘me.’

It has grown ever-more apparent to me, as I continue my work and my studies, that the connections we make are always “meant to be” and so often happening for each of us at exactly the right time and place…
Right down to here and now, with me writing and you reading this message.
Through each other, the universe communicates to us and I know simply because you are reading this that you are surely on the brink of some new discovery and purpose that is prepared to help you elevate your life now.
The right opportunities and possibilities are ready to become more apparent to you because you have learned to see and think in new ways.

Gratitude was one of the first great steps on my own Spiritual journey, using affirmations and being conscious about what holds space in my life and whether or not it is in alignment with my purpose.
Making Mind-Body-Spirit communication a daily part of life can help us to evolve the already creative beings we are and came here to be.
I feel blessed to be available in offering opportunities for others to reflect and rediscover their own inner wisdom along with me.
I find there is always something to be grateful for, even now for the access to these many technologies it has taken for me to write this page and for you to find and read these words!
Thank you so much for being here now.
❤ Sami Brittany

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